Darts Tournaments

With plenty of darts tournaments being held in various different countries throughout the year you are also going to have plenty of matches to watch if this is your favourite sport. But what you may not know is that many sportsbooks and bookmakers regularly have betting markets available on all major darts tournaments.
We know more and more people are livening up their viewing pleasure by placing bets and wagers on their favourite darts players, and if that is something that you are interested in doing then you really do need to make use of this betting guide.
Below you will find some of the major darts tournaments held throughout the world and when any of them are scheduled to take place you are going to have lots of different bets and wagers available to you.
You will find listed below a range of bookmakers and sports betting sites all of which not only offer betting markets on darts matches and tournaments but each of them are giving away special free bets and bonus cash when you sign up to their sites.

Major Darts Betting Events

Try and pencil in some spare time to watch any of the following major darts tournaments, for each of them attract the cream of the crop of players and as such you really are going to be watching a Masterclass of darts when you tune into these tournaments on television!
European Championships – The European Dart Championship sees the very best players from each European country taking their chances playing against one another. This event is televised so you can not only bet on it you can also watch it live.
PDC World Series of Darts – Another dart tournament that is well worth not only watching but having a few bets and wagers on is the PDC World Series of Darts. Over the years we have seen some of the lesser fancied players performing very well in this event, and as such always keep your options open in regards to who you place a bet on.
Grand Slam of Darts – The Grand Slam of Darts is one of the most watched dart tournaments, attracting some of the best players this is one event you really should make the effort to watch if you are a fan of the sport.
PDC World Championships – One final darts event worthy of your attention is the PDC World Championships, there is a huge prize pool on offer to players in this event does attract some of the very best players around.

Where to Bet on Darts

If you ever do fancy placing a few little best and wagers on any darts match then whilst you do of course have hundreds of different betting sites available to you, not all of them are going to be offering you the best odds. In fact make sure you sign up to any of the following sports betting sites as they not only offer generous odds on all darts matched but they are also currently giving new customers some high valued free bets too!
US Sportsbooks – Should you be a US based sports bettor make sure you take a look at the BetPop SportsBook. They a very easy to use betting site and as such you will find a range of high valued bonuses and free betting opportunities available. With that in mind we invite you to read our review of the BetPop Sportsbook to find out why we have chosen to list them as one of our top rated US facing Sportsbooks.
UK Bookmakers – Make sure that you have a good look over the Darts promo code from BetFred, if you are living in the UK for by signing up to either their online or mobile sports betting site you are going to be able to make use of that free bet which will of course help you increase your winning chances.
European Betting Sites – Plenty of betting opportunities are available to Europe based sports bettors looking to place darts or in fact any type of sporting bet at BetVictor. Take a look at the promo code for darts bets from BetVictor as it will give you access to a high valued free bet as soon as you have registered, made a deposit and then place your initial darts related bet.

Types of Darts Bets

One thing worth knowing is that you are going to be able to place hundreds of different types of bets on any darts matches and tournaments. If you want a few pointers in regards to the best you may be interested in placing then read on for below is an overview of some popular and some of the more unique bets you will be able to place on any darts match or tournament.
To Reach the Final – One bet that more and more darts fans are placing in advance of any darts tournament actually starting is a to reach the final bet, as the name of this type of bet does imply you need to pick one of the players in any darts tournament that you think will make it right through to the final game.
Each Way Tournament Betting – You will also find that on any major darts tournament you are going to be able to place a two part each way bet on any of the players in that tournament. A return will be paid out to you if the darts player you have bet on either wins or is placed when placing this type of darts related bet.
Single Win Bet – A single win type of bet on any darts tournament will see you having to pick the darts player who you think will to win any one single match or the tournament outright, the odds available will of course reflect each player’s chances of winning.


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