It was in 1995 that Cryptologic first launched an online gaming platform along with their very first collection of casino games. There was a time when lots of online casinos would utilize both their online instant play and downloadable gaming platforms and they did enjoy something of a boom in business during the first decade they were in business.
Due to the introduction of different gaming laws in several different countries of the world from around 2006 onwards, and with stiff competition from other casino software and game providers, Cryptologic began to lose licensees of their gaming platforms.
In fact as we moved into the second decade of the millennium the only casino site using their gaming software was Inter Casino which was owned and operated by Cryptologic. In 2012 Amaya Gaming put in a bid to buy out Cryptologic and that deal went through fairly quickly.
Since then Cryptologic has dropped their downloadable gaming platform and now you will only find their games available via an instant play gaming platform. However, by doing so you will now find that casino using their gaming platforms can offer games from other suppliers on that gaming platform, and other casino sites can also licensed and use Cryptologic designed games on their games platforms too.
Below you will find an overview of some of their popular slot game categories and we will also take a look at what makes their games quite unique due to their features and option settings.

Unique Features

You are often going to find lots of different features attached to the games and gaming platforms offered by different companies, and below we will let you know about some of the unique features that are on offer at all casino sites using the Cryptologic range of casino games.
Open Several Games at Once – Some casinos are not going to let you play more than one casino game at time but many casinos offering the range of Cryptologic designed games will let you open up several games and play them all simultaneously. With that in mind do be on the lookout for such casinos if you want the maximum fun and entertainment when playing their range of games online.
Touch Screen Games – You are always going to find some different games offered by Cryptologic on which you can access them via any type of mobile device, if that device has a touch screen capability then you are going to find dozens of their games can be accessed in that way and on that device. Look out for the Cryptologic range of mobile compatible casino games of which there are many on offer.
Currency Options – You will also be given the option when opening up a Cryptologic software powered casino account to have the currency option set to your home currency. All Cryptologic casinos will cater for players in different countries so as soon as you register as a first time and new real money player do make sure that you set your account currency to the option most convenient to you.

Most Popular Casino Games

You may have played Cryptologic deigned and supplied casino game before and if so you will already know just how diverse those games are. However, should you not yet have played any of their casino games here are some of the different categories of game you will find on offer at all sites utilizing their impressive suite of games.
Blackjack and Card Games – Now it is worth keeping in mind that if you like playing casino card games, you are going to find different variants available when logged onto a site offering the Cryptologic range of casino games.
That means you will be able to pick and choose just which variant you lay, and the stakes you can play those games for. However, there are several of their card games which boats very low house edges when played optimally, so take a look at the payout sand the game play rules to ensure you select the best paying variants on offer to you!
Rapid Fire Jackpot Slots – There are so many slot games that Cryptologic have designed over the years it is hard to pick out the best ones to play, for each of them are highly playable and will offer you something unique.
However, there is a small collection of what they class as their rapid fire jackpot slots, and by playing those slot games the progressive jackpots attached to them are paid out very regularly and as such they are suite to be slots that will appeal to many slot players.
Roulette Game Variants – Roulette games are also available from Cryptologic, and those games do boast high definition graphics so when playing hem you will have an enjoyable session, and will be able to see the wheel and the ball spinning around it very clearly.
You are also going to find the chip values on the Roulette games are adjustable, however do make sure you play their single zero variants as by doing so you will benefit from a low house edge and that will ensure you get the best chances of winning!


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