Bluberi Gaming Technologies

Bluberi Gaming Technology describe themselves as the best kept secret in gaming, however players have soon cottoned onto the fact that they design and supply some of the best looking and best playing casino games to a range of different marketplaces.
You are going to find their ever growing range of different casino games are available to play at no download, instant play casino sites and their games are always available alongside other game designers.  Bluberi do not design the actual gaming platforms you will be able to access their games on just the games which are available at casino sites using other gaming platforms.
Stunning graphics and advanced game play features are some of the most standout qualities that you will find on offer on every single one of their games all of which are completely unique. Unlike some of mass producing casino game designers you are not going to find any of their slot games for example which are simply cloned copies of early games they have released.
There are plenty of games which make up their collection of online casino games, and below we are going to be introducing some of their games to you whilst also letting you know what makes them very enjoyable to play from an online casino game players point of view.
So please read of for we are completely confident you will be more than happy to play their range of games when you find a casino site that has them available and on offer.

Unique Features

By choosing to play any type of casino game designed and supplied by Bluberi Gaming Technologies you are of course going to find several different aspects to each game that are unique.
However, as you may never have played their range of games before then let us know enlighten you as to what makes player their games so unique and entertaining as they all offer some unique features and playing structures.
Regular New Games – With Bluberi Gaming Technologies having a large research and development budget one aspect of choosing a casino site at which to play at that offers their suite of game is that you will always find new games on offer.
However, those new games are highly playable for they are going to come with a range of new features that you will ever have seen or experienced before, more so in regards to their slot machines.
Full Game Instructions – You will always find attached to every single Bluberi Gaming Technologies designed casino game a set of help files that will allow you to get a good understanding of the way those games play and pay.
Obviously when playing their slot games a quick glance at the pay table will give you an overview of how that game has been designed, but always check through those game help files for a more detailed explanation of how the games all play and pay.
Certified RTP’s – You will also find that the return to player payout percentages found on all Bluberi Gaming Technologies designed slot games and slot machines make those games high playable ones. Every single game launched and available at any casino site has had their RTP’s fully certified before being launched and added to any casinos gaming platform.

Most Popular Casino Games

You are probably going to enjoy playing every single game that has been designed and launched online by Bluberi Gaming Technologies, however as there are so many of them available it could take you quite some time to play them all!
So to help you decide on which games to get stuck into playing first here are details of their most played and most popular games which can be played for free or for real money at any casino offering their range of games, and these games could turn out to be some of your personal favourites too!
BBQ Party Slot – The BBQ Party slot game is one on which you are going to be able to put into play up to 30 payline per spin and thanks to its unique set of wild symbols that can spin in during the base game and also via the bonus game it can be a high paying slots. The main bonus game which players will be looking to trigger is a set of free spins however there are also several progressive jackpots that can be won when you play it!
Conga Party Slot – Another slot game you may be interested in playing if you likes lots that have plenty of paylines is the Conga Party slot. This one has four progressive jackpots that can be won at any time, however the main appeal of this slot is it randomly awarded main bonus game, which being randomly awarded means you will never know when you are going to get to play it off!
Gold Town Slot – With not the usual one single progressive jackpot waiting to be won but 6 of them you could have hours of fun and winning chances is you decide to get stuck into playing the Gold Town slot game. This is another configurable slot on which you can play 30 payline on your chosen stake levels and animated graphics and fantastic sound effects really do bring this slot to life.


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