Big Bang Slot

Big Bang has been developed by Net Entertainment to offer a smooth playing experience with wilds and a multiplier of up to 32x! feature!


Playing Big Bang:

Big Bang is a video slot with 25 lines with 5 reels. Combinations are needed from left to right in a position where pay-lines are displayed. The purpose of this game is to get continuous wins to increase the multiplier and maximise wins.


Playing the game:

•Players will have a wide selection of options to change the wager size of the game. All these available setting can be seen below the reels to provide players with different wagering styles. The game will automatically display the wager amount when setting are change so players can see the value of each spin.

•Coins are mainly used in the pokie, which will hold values from $0.01 to $0.50. The winnings provided from each line will be multiplied by the value selected, which means a lower coin value will award less once multiplied.

•The game has a bet level option that can be used to increase the wager. The bet level can be increased from 1 to 4 and will also multiply winnings when payouts are made. With this option players will be able to receive 4 times the payouts displayed in the pay-table.

•An auto-play feature can play the game automatically with a wager amount selected by the player before the feature is started. Advance settings will stop the feature when certain activities take place. The feature can be stopped at any time the payer wishes.


Game information Page:

•Players will be able to access the game information with the pay-table. This can be accessed by the tab displayed on the left below the reels. Once this tab has been pressed players will enter the table with an explanation of all available features and combinations, game rules are also displayed here. 

•Once the table has been opened players will find 2 arrows and a return button in the bottom left. This will allow players to navigate the pages and return to the main game. The pay-table consists of 4 pages in total, which can be paged through by using the arrows offered.

•Page 1 will provide a quick explanation of the multiplier featured offered by the game. Here players will also find an animation to provide a quick look at he feature provided. The wild symbol and rules for these 2 features will be provided to ensure players understand how the features work. 

•On pages 2 and 3 players will find the possible winning combinations with all the symbols provided in the game. Each symbol will hold number from 3 to 5 with additional number to the right. The 3 to 5 will provide the amount of symbols required on a line to receive the winnings displayed to the right in coins. On page 4 players will be able to gather the information about the pay-lines and how symbols need to appear to payout.


Wild Symbols:

•Wild or substitute symbols will be available in the game as the sun. Players will be able to get this symbol on all reels. Its objective it substitute its own value of other symbol and reward the payouts according to the pay-table.

•Players will need this symbol to appear in a position on a pay-line where it will be able to complete a combination of at least 3 symbols. The game will be able to provide more than one symbol on the reels to maximize winning opportunities. One of these symbols can be seen per reel.

•The symbol will not multiply combination it’s featured in, which means only the standard payout will be made and multiplied by the wager per line.

•When the sun wild symbol is displayed with 5 symbols on a single line the game will award the jackpot of 1,000 coins for each coin wagered on the line triggered. The symbol will be required to show up from left to right starting with the first line.

•Only the highest payout per line will be award, which means if 3 wild symbols are provided on a line and a combination is completed by the symbols the line will only provide winnings for the wilds or the combination complete, whichever is the highest.



•The slot provides a multiplier meter displayed to the left of the reels. This feature will be active with any wager amount. Players will see this feature become active each time a winnings combination is presented. The feature will be able to multiply winnings up to 32x.

•The feature will require a winning combination of any sort, the size of the combination does not matter. Once a combination is show the game will payout and the multiplier will increase to the next level. Each level will double the previous multiplier value, for example; the multiplier starts with 1x and will more onto 2x, 4x, 8x and so on to a maximum of 32x.

•The feature will require consecutive winnings to increase the multiplier value. This means once the feature has started winning combinations will be required in each spin thereafter to raise the multiplier value. Should a spin occur without a win the multiplier feature will be reset to 1x.

•All combinations are required to appear from left to right starting with the first reel. Should the multiplier increase the maximum of 32x it will remain there to a point where a combination with no win is displayed.

•Once the multiplier feature has been triggered each spin will cost the same wager amount as set when the feature was activated. Players will be able to lower the wager amount once the feature has triggered, but increasing the amount will reset the multiplier.


Game Buttons:

•The pokie provides players with a number of buttons required to play the game and setup the wager amounts. All the buttons players could need will be displayed below the reels at all times. Players will have to options to change multiple setting between spins.

•To the far left players can access the info page with the pay-table tab.

•Below the pay-table the game will provide current wager information in coins. When players change the amount of coins wagered the game will display the new total here.

•To the right the game will allow player to set the bet level. When this amount is changed the wager will increase or decrease the number of coins per line.

•The auto-play feature will be displayed to the right. This tab will provide a new window with all available features and options for the auto-play feature.

•The round button marked with 2 white arrows will both spin and stop the reels at the players request.

•Max bet will allow the player to increase the bet level to the maximum and spin the reels simultaneously. This option will leave the coin denominations unchanged.

•Players will be able to change the value of their coins used to the right of the max bet tab.  The game will provide 2 buttons, which can be used to change the value displayed.


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