Betting Offers

If you have started to feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer number and types of different betting offers that are being made available to you at betting sites, bookmakers and Sportsbooks then help is at hand. For we have put together the following guide that will give you an insight into the many different types of betting offers you can claim from various different betting sites.
One thing that you will need to be aware of is that many betting offers are not just restricted to new customers of a betting site, for as soon as you have made use of some form of welcome or sign up bonus each betting site you join will want to keep you as a customer, and as such you will often find you are offered a very diverse range of different betting offers and betting bonuses on an ongoing basis too.
Try not to claim every single betting offer you see being promoted online however for not every betting bonus and promotional offer is going to be offering you true value, and as such you will need to know what makes one betting bonus more appealing and more valuable than others.
With that in mind please do read on for below you will find listed a large and very diverse range of different betting offers, and alongside each of them you will find a full description on each type of betting offer and promotional deal and we will also enlighten you on what makes one of those bonuses worth claiming and what may make such a bonus not a good one to claim too!
Some betting offers many only be made available to you if you use them on one selected sport or one category of bet and as such no matter which bonus offer you like the look of you should always ensure that you read through all of the terms and conditions on each bonus you are thinking of claiming. As it will be the terms and conditions that will reveal whether a bonus is a worthwhile one to claim or one you should never make use of and claim!

Different Types of Betting Offers

We want you to be able to pick out the exact types of betting offers that suit your bankroll and your style of betting perfectly, and as such below is an overview and a description of the many different types of betting offers that are always going to be available to you at each of our featured betting sites.
Free Bets – The most tempting of all betting offers are those that will see you being able to claim a free bet or a series of free bets but without you being forced to have to place any of your own money at risk to claim those types of betting offers.
Just make sure that if you do see a betting sites offering a free bet that you read through all of the terms and conditions of that free betting offer to ensure you know if there are any unusual rules attached to you using those free bets or any limits in place in regards to how much you can cash out if your free bet is a winning one!
Deposit Betting Bonuses – By making a deposit into some betting sites you are going to then be credited with a set number of additional betting credits based on the amount of cash you deposit and also the value f the deposit matched betting bonus you was offered.
You may find some betting sites offering deposit match bonuses that will give you 100% of your deposited amount as bonus betting credits, and those bonuses are going to be worth taking as you will then get plenty of bonus credits that will allow you to place even more bets and wagers.
Cash Back Betting Bonuses – If you come across a betting site that is going to be giving you something known as a cash back bonus then by placing a bet if it is a winning one they will return a percentage of the stake money you wagered on that losing bet back.
You should only make use of these types of cash back bonuses if you are going to get a high percentage of your losing stakes back as real money credits and not as bonus credits, as the latter ones will not let you cash out the cash back until you have wagered it a certain number of times!
Loyalty Betting Bonuses – Some betting sites now offer some form of loyalty scheme or loyalty club and as such by placing your real money best and wagers at those particular betting sites you will be earning points based on the amount of cash you wager.
It doesn’t matter if any or all of your bets and wagers win or lose you will still be earning those points which you can then exchange for a range of free bets when you have enough of those points saved up in your loyalty club account.
Enhanced Odds – You could be offered something known as an enhanced odds type of betting offer as a customer of some betting sites and that is certainly going to be an offer you should consider making use of.
What will happen when you come across such an offer is that the current odds available on a certain sporting event or sporting fixture will have the payout odds enhanced on several of the bets and wagers on offer on that betting market, so you will get a much higher valued winning payout from your chosen bet with enhanced payout odds if it is a winning one!
Matched Bet Bonuses – One final type of betting offer you may have coming your way at various different betting sites are those that have been designed a matched bet bonus. When you make use of this type of bonus offer when you place one bet up to a certain value, the betting site will give you another free bet up to the same valued as the one you placed!