Beach Slot

Beach is an online slot machine game from Net Entertainment. It offers a great variety of features including free games, wild symbols, scatter and a special symbol that acts as a multiplier as well as the ability to move symbols around to improve wins.

Playing Beach:

To be successful playing Beach you need to achieve multiple symbols of the same kind on a payline. Beach offers 5 reels and 20 paylines.

Playing the game:

  • Beach has many wagering selections you can choose to find a wager that suits your budget. There are 2 options you can make use of to change the amount you place per spin.
  • This slot does not allow the changing of coins used per spin. All spins will require you to play with 20 lines.
  • You can change the value of each coin used to bet. When selecting this value you need to keep in mind that it is multiplied by all coins used in order to determine the total wagered amount. The betting limits range from $0.01 to $1.00.
  • The option of increasing the amount per wager is provided. The bet level will change the amount of coins placed per line. A maximum of 10 coins per or a maximum of 200 coins per spin is available.
  • The minimum bet is set at $0.20 or $0.02 per line. This is one coin per line at the lowest denomination per line.

Game information Page:

  • The information page will be accessible by clicking on the box identified by the word “paytable”.
  • Within the paytable you can view all possible combinations that will result in the game providing you a payout. This will include all featured symbols as well as each of the individual game features. It will further include the different payouts that are awarded for the different number of symbols per line that is possible.
  • To view the different pages within the paytable you need only to make use of the toggle keys depicted by arrows. This will allow you to view the various information contained within.

Wild Symbol

  • The red crab on the piece of wood is the wild symbol. It appears on all reels except reel three. When joining a combination of symbols on the reels it will complete any win possible.
  • The purpose of this symbol is to help gain more wins when on the reels. The wild crabs will be able take the place of other symbols in order to increase the winning opportunities within the game.
  • The wild symbols cannot activate any features as it does not replace the scatter symbol nor will it assist with the octopus symbol.

Wild Octopus Feature

  • The wild octopus will only be available on reel 3. When appearing on the third reel, 2 features will become active. The first is the possibility of a re-spins and the second is it will allow for other symbols to be moved around in order to achieve a winning combination.
  • When you get the octopus on the reel he may jump off the reels to the left if no win occurs. He will then remain on screen until such a time that a win can be shuffled to allow for a payout. It will also apply a multiplier of two to all wins occurring as a result of its participation.
  • When appearing, if able to shuffle symbols into a win, the octopus will do so and then apply a multiplier of two to the amount won.

Scatter symbol

  • The scatter symbol is the bottle with a message rolled up inside it. This symbol may appear on any reel but will not apply a win.
  • The octopus is available during the free spins as is the wild symbol.

Free Spins

  • A minimum of 3 are needed to activate the free waves that can be won. The more bottles that are displayed at the same time, the more free games that will be won. The minimum number of free waves is 8, 4 bottles you will receive 16 and 5 bottles will give you 24 free games.
  • The free waves can be re-triggered with 3, 4 and 5 scatter symbols. This can occur multiple times to allow for unlimited free waves.
  • No additional multipliers are available during the free wave’s game. All winnings will be based on the same table of winnings and the same symbols will be used. All winnings will be multiplied by the same wagering used when the game was triggered.


Game Buttons:

  • The button appearing in the centre of the reels will be used as the spin button. The same button will allow for the use of the skill stop option.
  • Directly to the left of the spin button is a button that will allow for the autoplay to be accessed. A menu will be displayed offering multiple options relating to the number of spins to be played in this mode as well as the ability to customize it to settings you prefer.
  • The next game control button is the one that related to the bet level. This is where you can increase the amount of coins bet on each line. Use the two arrows on either side of the number displayed to adjust.
  • The max bet will allow for the instant use of the maximum bet based on the coin denomination in use. Clicking this will see the maximum 10 coins per line being wagered. The coin denomination will not change. At any time should you wish to reduce the coins per line, you will need to adjust the bet level and then use the “spin button” and not the max bet.
  • To the right of the max bet you will see the coin value. There are 2 arrows that you can use to adjust this amount. One will increase, the other will decrease.

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