Barcrest are a UK based company who have been designing and manufacturing fruit machines for decades however they recently became part of the Scientific Games Corporation.
That does of course mean that as a player you are going to come across their range of games in both land based gaming venues, and also some of their most popular slot games are now accessible online.
If you have never come across fruit machines before they are simply slot games which fall into the Amusement with Prizes category of gaming machines. What makes these types of games very unique is the very high hit rate of the many different bonus games and bonus features attached to those machines.
Whilst the land based fruit machines that Barcrest have designed over the years tend to offer small valued jackpots due to UK gaming laws, their online version of their games offer much higher staking options and much larger jackpots can be won when playing them at any casino site offering their impressive suite of games.
You will not need to download any software to access and play their range of fruit machines online, for they have been designed as instant play games. In fact you will also find their suite of games can be accessed at some mobile casino sites. So you will be able to play their games on any mobile device on which there is a web browser attached.

Unique Features

Having an enjoyable playtime experience when playing slot games online or via a mobile gaming platform will not only be achieved by playing lots of different games but also having access to games offering lots of built in features. Here are some of the unique features that you will find on offer on all Barcrest designed slot games.
Low to High Stakes – Fully adjustable staking options is one thing you are going to find available on all Barcrest casino games. So as a player you are never going to be forced to play for stake levels that are too expensive as you can configure any of their games to play for your own preferred stake amount. Plus will find you can test play their games for free at any casino site that has them on offer.
High Payout Percentages – By deciding to start playing casino games online you are often going to notice that may of the different games you play are very high paying in regards to their high payout percentages and their low house edges.
The slot and fruit machines that are on offer from Barcrest do come with much higher RTP’s than most land based casino games and that is the main reason so many players enjoy playing them online!
Option Payline Structures – One find thing worth noting about Barcrest fruit and slot machines is that all of them will each come with their own unique staking options and payline structures. So before you click on the spin or start button on those gaming machines make sure you have configured the exact number of paylines you wish to have in live play and also have chosen the stakes you wish to have in play on each spin you play off!

Most Popular Casino Games

It is of course going to be slot players who will be attracted towards playing at casino sites that offer the Barcrest range of slot games. With that in mind here are some of the many different categories of slot machines which have been launched onto the gaming platforms of several different online casinos and mobile casinos sites form Barcrest.
Fruit Machines – It has to be the range of Fruit Machines that Barcrest have designed over the years that has made this company what it is today.
They are famed for their innovative bonus games and bonus features attached to every single one of their fruit machine games, and when playing them thanks to those features and bonus game you are going to be getting a much more enjoyable and entertaining slot playing experience than you would get playing most other slot games!
Club Machines – When you visit golf clubs, bingo club or in fact any type of club in the UK you will often find one or two jackpot paying slot machines which are quite aptly known as Club Machines. These types of games do some with slightly higher jackpots attached to them and offer a range of different bonus games and bonus features much like he fruit machines mentioned above.
Barcrest have designed and launched lots of their online and mobile slot games round some of their most played and most popular Club Machines, and as such do be on the lookout for those games as you could win some very large jackpots when playing them.
Video Slot Games – Video slot games are also available from Barcrest and some of the most played slot games in the UK are those on which you will find the Rainbow Riches theme. Those slot games have now been launched as both online and mobile slot so you are going to be able to play them anywhere you like.
One thing you will find about the video slot games from Barcrest is that they do not all come with a huge number of optional paylines, in fact many to hem only have a small number of optional paylines attached to them.
However, that does of course means as a low stake slot player you are going to be able to put into play maximum payline spins for some very modest amounts of cash and will still have the chance of winning big when playing any of them.


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