Athletics Meetings

Cheering on your favourite athlete when they have secured a place at any major athletics meeting is going to be enjoyable, more so if that athlete does well and wins one of the medals. However, to add an extra level of excitement to your viewing pleasure you may be interested in also placing a bet on your preferred athlete.
If that sounds like something you will be interested in doing then below you are going to find out everything you need to know in regards to finding a sportsbook at which to join up to that will offer you a range of different betting opportunities.
Plus below you will find details of some of the major athletics meetings, events and fixtures that are held somewhere in the world at various times of the year. In fact if you do have a passion for betting on athletics meetings and events you are certainly going to have plenty of different betting opportunities available to you.
So read on for some of the following Sportsbooks will be offering you some high valued free bets and bonuses when you sign up to their betting sites.

Major Athletics Betting Events

You may initially believe that you are only going to have a small limited number of athletics sports betting opportunities available to you. However there are of course lots of athletics meetings held throughout the year and below we have an overview of some of the most bet on events in the athletics calendar all of which will offer you more than enough unique betting opportunities!
Olympic Games – One of the most bet on spotting events in the athletics calendar is of course the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games are held every four years you are always going to be passionate about teams and individual athletes taking part from your home country. However, never let you heart rule you head when selecting which athletes to place your money on as that could see you making an unwise betting decision!
Commonwealth Games – You are sure to have an inertest in the Commonwealth Games, more so if you country of residence or birth in is the Commonwealth! The number and variety of events held throughout each running of this event is enormous as are the many different betting opportunities available on each of those events!
European Athletics Championships – One final major athletics meeting that is sure to give you an enjoyable time should you visit or what that even is the European Athletics Championships. All of our featured sports betting sites are going to be offering you a plethora of wagering opportunities many of which are going to appeal to any avid fan of athletics!

Where to Bet on Athletics

Getting plenty of value when you do decide to place a bet on any athletics event is of course important. To help you secure the best odds possible whilst also giving you access to plenty of different type of betting bonuses and free bets below we have an overview of three of the best Sportsbooks and betting sites you can sign up to.
US Sportsbooks – There are not that many Sportsbooks that are going to offer US based sports bettors a truly diverse range of athletics based betting opportunities. However we have found one site that does and as such please read through our review of the Skybook Sportsbook for we think you are going to be impressed by what they have to offer all US based sport bettors.
UK Bookmakers – Being based in the UK does of course mean that you are going to be able to place and lay bets and wagers on any scheduled Athletics meeting. To be able to place and lay bets you will of course need to sign up to one of our featured betting exchanges and with that in mind be aware that you can claim a free Athletics bet from BetFair as soon as you sign up to their online betting exchange!
European Betting Sites – One European facing betting site that has some very generous odds available on all Athletics meeting is of course the long established and highly rated William Hill sport betting site. To give you an added incentive to sign up to their sportsbook they are going to allow you to get a free Athletics bet from William Hill when you sign up and place your very first bet with them!

Types of Athletics Bets

If you are interested in placing any number of bets and wagers on any athletics meeting, then you should read on for some ideas on a range of unique betting opportunities that will become available to you at each of our featured sports betting sites, who always tend to offer the very best odds on these types of bets and wagers.
Most Gold Medals – If you are watching the Olympic Games for example and you think that one of the countries involved in that event is going to win the highest number of gold medals then you will find such a bet is available to you. The odds available will of course vary depending on the country you pick and the likelihood of them picking up the most gold medals!
Track Record – One very unusual type of bet that will be available to you is a track record related bet. You will be able to pick out one of the athletes in any race or event and place a bet on them in regards to them beating the current track record in regards to the event they are taking part in.
Each Way Bets – If you are thinking of placing some fairly low risk type of bets on any Athletics meeting then an each way type of bet on any race run at those events may be of interest to you. This is a simple to place two part bet which will return a winning payout if your selection finishes first or in one of the placed position in that race or event.


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