Accumulator Bet

We want you to have a full and deep understanding of every single type of bet you can place on any type of sporting event or fixture and with this in mind below you will find details on Accumulators bets. In fact some of the biggest returns you can get are from betting are from Accumulator bets and as such read on for you may be interested in placing such a bet!

How an Accumulator Bet is Structured

You will find Accumulator bets are very easy to understand but every one of the selections you make have to win their respective events or when placing an Each Way Accumulator bet all of your selection must at least finish in one of the official winning places of those events for the Each Way part of the bets to be winning ones.
Total Selections – You can place as many different selections as you like in an Accumulator bet and as such the more you do pick the more you are going to get returned to you as winnings should all of those selections win.
Total Bets – You are placing just one single bet when you place a standard Accumulator bet as the winnings from the first selection along with your initial stakes are then rolled over onto all of the selections you have made.
Win and Each Way   – As mentioned you are placing just one single wager no matter how many selections you have made, however if you wish to place an Each Way Accumulator bet then you will be placing two wagers instead of one.
When placing an Each Way Accumulator if your chosen selections finish in one of the official places in their event then your winnings are rolled over and placed onto the next event. If any wager does not win or get placed in any on single event you then those wagers are losing ones.

What Sports Can I Place an Accumulator Bet On?

If you do want to place an Accumulator type of wager then there are endless different sporting events you can use as the basis for those types of bets, and below is an overview of just three of them, follow the links for more information on those sporting activities.
Lottery Betting – There are millions of people the world over who rather than buy a lottery ticket in one of the worldwide lottery draws will instead place a bet on the outcome of any lottery. The reason those people prefer betting on a lottery rather than buying a ticket to be included in those draws is they have full control over how many numbers they can try and correctly predict will be drawn out of the lottery machine and the payouts can be higher than a lottery return!
Novelty Betting – If you think Martians will land on planet Earth or the Queen of England will be wearing a certain coloured dress when she next visits Royal Ascot or even if you think you can guess who will win the next series of X Factor, then you really do need to take a look at some of the many different novelty betting markets offered by each of our featured sports betting sites. For by doing so you are going to find some of the most unusual and very unique bets and wagers known to man or woman!
American Football – There will never be a shortage of American Football matches that you can slump into your favourite armchair and watch on television, in fact many of them are now also broadcast over the web and as such you can tune in and watch your favourite team and favourite players no matter where you are on your mobile device. There are however more than enough bets and wagers that you will be instantly able to place on and American Football match and we have all of them listed throughout website so do take a look!


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